Wild dog hunt

Shopped again

Playing around with some old photos. This is why it’s worth upgrading Photoshop from time to time. Compare what I was able to do with CS3 in 2011 to what I can do with Photoshop CC today.   Yes there are still issues, like it’s a big crop (~50%). But the processing is a world…

More competition photos

This time for the ZSL Animal Photography Prize: You’ll pobably recognise most or all of them, though I’ve made a few minor adjustments to most. I’ve also started using 500px – find me at http://500px.com/simonphotos/

Toxic milkweed grasshopper

From 3000 to 20, then 6 – with your help

I’ve done the easy bit – sifting 3000 photos down to 88 that I think have competition potential. Now comes the hard part. I need to get from 88 photos I like down to 20 (for Wildlife Photographer of the Year), then down to 6 (for the ZSL Animal Photography Prize). And I’d like your…

Black and white ruffed lemur

Last of the photos

Photos from our last stay in Madagascar – Vakona Lodge, and the Andasibe rainforest. It’s also where we went to Lemur Island, which provides a safe and natural, though not entirely free, home for ex-pets and their descendants. Being surrounded by water, they’re safe from predators and won’t go anywhere: lemurs can’t swim. As ex-pets,…

Holding hands with an indri in the Palmarium

More Madagascar photos for you – this time we’re back to the Palmarium. I actually took about 1/3 of the photos from the whole trip in this small resort, mostly because the indri (black and white) and Coquerel’s sifaka (russet and white) are so very, very approachable. To the point of being downright friendly. There…

More from Madagascar – Masoala

More Madagascar photos for you – this time from our stay on the Masoala peninsula, in the far north-east of the island. A wonderful camp; gorgeous scenery; lush rainforest; white-fronted brown lemurs; stunning panther chameleons, and humpback whales to keep you company in your kayak. Idyllic. See the full gallery here.

Lemur video

Going through some more Madagascar photos – and came across this. Taken at the Palmarium. Won’t get round to the rest of those photos for a while, but couldn’t resist sharing the video.